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Sunday School

This is the church school where everyone is at study in the Word of God. There are classes for all age levels. The material used in study is the Church of God in Christ National Sunday School lessons. Classes are taught by teachers who are well equipped to impart the Word of God.


Bible Study

A weekly 1 ½ hour of systematic Bible study material for spiritual growth and maturity.  The Pastor uses this time to teach the Bible and answer all questions as students are interactive.


Music Ministry

The Music Department consists of: The Inspirational, Youth and Children’s Choirs; Voices of Praise Recording Choir; Men’s and Women’s Chorus. The praise team and choirs, liturgical praise dancers accompanied by the musicians, minister the gospel in songs and dance during worship services and special ministry times.


Children's Ministry

Believers Temple has an active children’s ministry that trains children through Children’s Church  and Vacation Bible School. They are involved in activities such as: skits, field trips and life experiences.  In Children’s Church, they also worship and participate in other special ministry events.


Youth Ministry

The mission of the Youth Department is structured so that all will learn moral life experiences and general Bible practices for Christian living. They learn moral day-to-day life experiences and general Bible practices for Christian living.  One component of teaching is through the Young Men and Women of Destiny Ministry. Our Youth Department is involved in Auxiliaries In Ministry (AIM) where they participate on the local, district and national levels. Events and trips are planned throughout the year to engage our youth in fun activities.  



The ministry of Out-Reach as well as In-Reach; communicates the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people within our reach. Our Evangelism Ministry is called [C.L.E.A.N- Christ Learners Evolving And Noble] Action Ministry

The Mission statement:
C.L.E.A.N is Community Care through supportive acts of evangelism Our discipline is biblically based for transparency to influence higher intelligence and awareness.

The Goal:
To embrace our neighbor whether he or she is strange, foreign, or unknown with Christ   like actions of comfort and peace.

The Objective:
To create positive imagery and expressions of care and transparency from God’s word and believing body. We offer a what would Jesus do respondence to each of our neighbors with sensible notions and solutions.



The ministry of finding the needs of those in our community and surrounding areas.  The goal is to provide food, clothing, minimal home repairs as we are led through our God given powers.


Women's Ministry

The Women’s Ministry consist of the Christian Women Council (CWC) and Young Women Christian Council (YWCC). Weekly one-hour sessions are held where women share in learning and ministry preparation.  There are Bible topics, church ministry other discussions and life experiences to enhance the marriage and home life.  Young women are taught to become responsible and productive in their home, church and community. Sessions through Prayer & Bible Band, Home & Foreign Mission, Sewing Circle, Mother’s Board and Missionary Circle. The women enjoy conferences, workshops, tea parties, outings and trips.


Men's Ministry

A time of fellowship where men minister to each other.  They share life experiences and learn Biblical practices for strengthening family relationships. Men are encouraged to become more responsible and productive in their home, church and community.  Our men enjoy outings, conferences and their ANNUAL FISHING TRIP.

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